Boosting Ohio’s Economy


Our economy, like all economies run off of the natural principle that more money needs to come in than go out. Businesses in Ohio need to be able to produce goods and services inside our state that can be exported. We are blessed with an abundance of natural resources that can create wealth in our backyard. As your State Representative I will make sure our laws do not inhibit our abilities to harvest our resources while at the same time protecting our environment. You might have heard it said we are the, “Saudi Arabia of Natural Gas.” While it is true Ohio has one of the largest Natural Gas reserves in the world, we don’t take advantage of this wealth underground. By cutting regulations that drive gas exploration away, we can have an energy industry in Ohio that is World-Class. Our biggest industry in Ohio is Agriculture. I will do whatever I can to protect Ohio farmers, and unsure that they can thrive. If we can boost existing industries that have great potential, Ohio’s economy will improve in every aspect. Every business and tax payer will do better with a State Government that understands what they want and need, and gets out of the way. A less regulated economy is a better performing one. 

Fixing the Health Care Crisis


In order to solve the problems of soaring Health Care costs Ohio needs to end Obama Care mandates within our state. More specifically Obama Care’s Medicaid expansion that has greatly inflated costs of services on the tax payer’s dime. There is no reason why these failed and outdated mandates cannot be defunded tomorrow. For some reason the Republican majority in Columbus will not repeal Obama Care. I will fight to get this done.


Reform our Tax Code


In Ohio we have a struggling manufacturing sector that has a difficult time competing with other states. The problem is our tax code and how it hinders business within our state. Our tax system is the Commercial Activity Tax, or CAT tax. The tax code punishes Ohio businesses on activity and not profit. We are one of 5 states in America that have this kind of tax code. Instead of taxing business activity I would propose that we institute a low corporate income tax, which would tax business that are profitable. The problem we have is that our current system punishes businesses in some industries, while rewarding others. By definition Ohio’s tax code in unfair and harms manufacturing, construction, and many more industries. It needs to be changed. 


Promoting Education


As the President of the Amanda-Clearcreek School Board, I have seen first-hand how broken our education system is in Ohio. The state government forces school districts to pay for programs that they do not want or need including aspects of Common Core. In Columbus I would support a deregulation policy for our public schools and allow local School Boards to choose what is right for them. Common Core is wrong for Ohio and I will fight to make sure it doesn’t take a deeper root here.  


Protecting Life


I am a firm believer in protecting life. It is important to defend the coming generation of Ohioans and that means supporting Pro-Life legislation. As your State Representative I would protect issues like this as a human rights issue, not just a political one. One day society will agree that life begins at conception and I will work to ensure that end.


Cutting Ohio’s Budget


Our State government will continue to grow until we have people at the statehouse that understands that the, “government that serves us best is the one that serves us least.” Each year the State of Ohio sets another record for tax revenue. The problem is if $70 billion dollars comes out of the economy that takes it away from job creators and working-class people. We need representatives in Columbus that understand that Ohioan’s money is sacred and should be only be taxed for crucial programs and policies. Programs that include Infrastructure and Education. Not special interest policies and wasteful pork barrel spending. Cutting taxes will allow Ohio businesses to create jobs and put more people back to work. As your State Representative that is precisely what I plan to do. 


Solving the Addiction Epidemic


There is plenty of blame to go around for the current addiction epidemic in Ohio. It started with the over proscribing of addictive opioids. The problem has also come to be centered on Heroin and other terrible drugs. As your State Representative I will do everything in my power to put an end to the addiction problem and put it behind us. We need leaders who understand that there is an issue and want to address it. 


Preserving the Second Amendment


I am an NRA member and a proud gun owner. What the far-left doesn’t understand is that the Second Amendment isn’t just about guns it’s about freedom. It’s about the ability to protect ourselves and our family. Taking our abilities to defend ourselves steals away our liberties. As your representative I will never allow the state government to infringe on your, “Right to Bear Arms.”